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Life has become about coping mechanisms and long, deep breaths. I’d love to write something about cherishing every moment like a precious jewel but that’s quite hard to do when you’re standing in the middle of Sainsbury’s with a toddler who’s thrown himself on the floor and has gone rigid, screaming about a personal insult you cannot perceive, when all you want to do is buy some fucking milk without an operatic performance.


Do More of Those in Misery Suffer from Poverty, Unemployment or Mental Illness? By: Flèche, Sarah (CEP, London School of Economics) ; Layard, Richard (London School of Economics)

I feel i need to share information as much as possible on these issues. It’s so important


Studies of deprivation usually ignore mental illness. This paper uses household panel data from the USA, Australia, Britain and Germany to broaden the analysis. We ask first how many of those in the lowest levels of life-satisfaction suffer from unemployment, poverty, physical ill health, and mental illness. The largest proportion suffer from mental illness. Multiple regression shows that mental illness is not highly correlated with poverty or unemployment, and that it contributes more to explaining the presence of misery than is explained by either poverty or unemployment. This holds both with and without fixed effects.

Keywords: mental health, life-satisfaction, wellbeing, poverty, unemployment

JEL: I1 I31 I32


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